Board moves ahead with London Attendance Area Review

Posted On Wednesday January 26, 2022

The Thames Valley District School Board has approved the launch of an Attendance Area Review in London.

On November 23rd, the TVDSB Board deferred the launch of this review until more details could be released about $600 million in capital funding projects announced by the Ministry.

Since then, a $7.2 million expansion of Eagle Heights Public School in London has been announced. This follows an announcement to build a new $17.5 million elementary school in north Woodstock.

The Board is also pleased to have received approval for a new $20.7 million elementary school and child care project in Southwest London from the Ministry of Education earlier this week.

The London Attendance Area Review report presented to Trustees recommended a major review of school boundaries in London to deal with rapid growing enrolment pressures at Thames Valley schools in the north and west areas of the city and comes in response to a request by Trustees to review ways of “reducing enrolment pressure at overutilized schools and improving the use of empty pupil places at underutilized schools.”  

The report recommends redrawing school boundaries in several areas of London – pointing to unprecedented development activity and migration from the Toronto area to London in recent years, Jeff Pratt, Associate Director at TVDSB explained.

“A decade ago, we were faced with significant declining enrolment in the city, but that has dramatically shifted during the last three or four years. Residential growth in London is occurring faster than we are able to build new schools and additions,”

“While rapid residential development and migration patterns are pushing some schools beyond their intended capacity, schools in other parts of the city are underutilized – primarily in east London,” added Pratt.

“Making sure our schools are at their optimal capacity is an important step to ensure students receive the support they need,” added Chair of the Board, Lori-Ann Pizzolato. “Through this planning process we will confirm that students are being provided with the best possible programming and facilities.”

Families with children at schools included in the report were notified of the meeting earlier this week and received follow up information regarding the public consultation process on January 26th. Community members are invited to review additional information and provide their questions and comments on a special website at this link: 

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