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  2021-2022 Course Selection Guide
  Course Selection Guide (Course Calendar) 
 2021-2022 Registration PowerPoint Presentations

MyBlueprint Course Selection Instructions 

Registration Assembly - Grade 9's moving to Grade 10

Registration Assembly - Grade 10's moving to Grade 11

Registration Assembly - Grade 11's moving to Grade 12 

Registration Assembly - Grade 12's returning for 12+

  Grade 9 Video Tours

Video # 1: Introducing the 3 Guidance Counsellors


Video # 2: How to make a Student Services appointment


Video # 3: The Guidance Office


Video # 4: Oak Cares


Video # 5: Graduation Requirements
 Grad Guide Presentation 2021-2022

Grad Guide 2020 - 2021 PowerPoint Presentation


College Information and Virtual Visits 


University Information and Virtual Visits 


College and University Calendar of Virtual Visits - Fall 2021


Grad Guide College and University Application Process 


Grad Guide Online College Application Process 

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