Dress and Attire

Dress Code Guidelines

As a school, we value diversity and tolerance and actively encourage a safe school environment.  Staff and students must dress in a manner that respects self, others and the professional  learning environment.  The following expectations apply to all staff and students:

  • Clothing that is offensive, which includes drug references, profanity, sexual references, racism, intolerance, or violence is unacceptable
  • Undergarments must be completely covered
  • Backs, midriffs and chests must be covered
  • Hoods and bandanas are not permitted
  • No muscle shirts

Students are encouraged to make responsible decisions about clothing.  The final decision on appropriateness of clothing rests with the school’s administration.  Students who are deemed to be wearing clothing that does not comply with the dress code:

  • Will be asked to change or cover up the article(s) of clothing in question
  • Will be asked to contact home

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