Welcome from Administration

Welcome to Oakridge Secondary School and the 2023-2024 academic year.

Dear Oakridge Parent(s), Guardian(s), and Students,

All staff members are excited to welcome students back to school on Wednesday, September 6th. We want to take this time to share with you some important information.

School Daily Schedule and Breaks

The daily schedule remains the same as last year. Morning classes will start promptly at 8:15 AM following the national anthem. The lunch period is scheduled from 10:50 AM to 11:55 AM with afternoon classes starting promptly at 11:55 AM and ending at 2:30 PM.




8:15 – 9:30


9:35 – 10:50


10:50 – 11:55


11:55 – 1:10


1:15 – 2:30

Before School Drop Off and After School Pick Up


At Oakridge Secondary School we want to be great neighbours by respecting the wishes of our neighbours who do not appreciate cars parking, stopping, or idling on streets before and after school.

 As such, please drop-off or pick-up your student(s) on Oakridge Secondary School property, near the front of the school. Please do not drop-off or pick-up students on or near Luxton Dr., Quinton Rd., or Guildwood Blvd. If you want to pick-up or drop-off your student(s) in the community please do so a bit further from the school, where students are safe to exit/enter your vehicle and walk the rest of the way to school. A five-minute walk to and from school can be helpful for students health and well-being.

Please schedule your travel time knowing that the front parking lot is busy just before and after school. However, the front vehicle loop can be quite calm during drop-off times before 8:05 AM and pick-up times after 2:45 PM.

 Access to the School

 All school entrances will be open for students to access the building at 7:00 AM. Please do not arrive to school prior to this time unless attending an extracurricular event. To be safer, all TVDSB schools have installed a card access and buzzer system. As a result, after 8:30 AM all doors, except the door to the portable, will be locked. After 8:30 AM, late students and visitors will arrive to the front door and buzz the main office to gain entrance. The front doors and doors from the student parking lot will be open from 11:40 AM – 12:00 PM to allow students access when returning from lunch.

 Tracking and Reporting Student Attendance

 Please setup an account with SchoolMessenger at www.tvdsb.ca/schoolmessenger and/or download the SchoolMessenger App to a smartphone so you can efficiently report a student’s absence. As well, you can access the system by calling 1-844-305-3756 to report a student’s absence.

 Visitors to School

Please call the main office to arrange appointments, pick-ups, or drop-offs. Visitors will need to come the front door and buzz-in to gain entrance.

Code of Conduct

The Oakridge code of conduct is published on our school website and in the grade 9 student planner. We strongly encourage all parents and students to review the school code of conduct each year. Code of Conduct - Oakridge Secondary School (tvdsb.ca)

COVID-19 Update - pending update September 2023

We remain committed to ensuring the health and safety of staff and students. Following Ministry of Education guidelines and in collaboration with our local public health units, the following protocols will be in place for this school year:

  • We strongly encourage students and staff to wear masks in our schools. We know that masking continues to be an effective way to disrupt the transmission of the virus and is recommended by our local public health units.
  • Masks will be provided to students and staff at school or on student transportation.
  • Hand sanitizer and regular hand hygiene will continue to be encouraged.
  • The Ministry of Health continues to provide a Provincial Self-Assessment and Screening Tool for families that wish to consult this to determine next steps for students who may be unwell. This tool is recommended for daily use prior to attending school.
  • It is always encouraged that students who are unwell remain home until they are well enough to return to school.

If you have any questions about the COVID-19 protocols, please contact our main office.    

Photo Day - 

Edge Imaging will be at Oakridge in September to take school photos for student ID cards and our yearbook. No advance purchase is necessary. Photo orders are made online after the photo day. Sign up for notifications at https://photoday.edgeimaging.ca to get updates about photo day and see your photos. Please do not wear green to avoid blending into the green screen background. Confirmed date to be shared soon...

Oakridge Website

Much of our school information is shared on our website. Please visit it here:


If you would like to contact teachers via email, teachers’ email addresses can be found here:


Student Turning 18 Years of Age

Please know, following the Education Act, that when your student turns 18 years-old they are responsible for communicating with the school about attendance and academic performance. 18-year-old students can provide permission for the school to directly communicate with parents/guardians.

Oakridge Daily Announcements

Announcements are regularly updated on this webpage:


Students receive an email each morning with a link to the announcements webpage where they can read about all the amazing things happening at Oakridge. Teachers will start to update this webpage in September.

Student Accident Insurance

For the 2023-24 school year we are pleased to offer families the option of two student accident insurance providers to choose from if they wish to purchase insurance for their student(s). Please see the links below:



Student Fees

An optional $20 student fee is in place this year. The money from this fee goes to the following groups and events,

  • Student Parliament budget to organize events for all students.
  • Extracurricular clubs so they have a starting budget to run activities.
  • Large scale, school events with many students involved and supervised by teaching staff.

Preferred method of payment is SchoolCash Online, but Office Staff can also collect cash and issue a receipt.

Course Change Requests


If a student is requesting a timetable change, they must submit a parent signed Timetable Change Request Form to the Guidance Office. The link to the form will be shared during the last week of August. 

All requests must go through this process and not through email and/or phone contact with your Guidance Counsellor. The form must be signed by a parent/guardian or by the student if they are 18 years or old. Please know that many courses are already full and have waitlists therefore no timetable change request can be guaranteed. Students must follow their current timetable until directed otherwise.

 Tuesday, September 5th PA Day

Please know that Tuesday, September 5th is a PA Day. The first day of school for students is Wednesday, September 6thTuesday, September 6, 2022, is a Professional Activity Day; Staff will engage in learning focused on establishing the essential conditions for learning and prioritizing relationships which build safety and connection in the classroom.

School Year Calendar


Please see the secondary school year calendar at this webpage:


 Please know that students might have school commitments during the Assessment Days, therefore family trips/holidays should not conflict with students’ academic commitments.


We look forward to offering a wide range of sports and clubs this school year. Students can learn more about these opportunities by visiting the announcements webpage. Please be patient during the first week of school as we focus on welcoming students back to school.

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is where you go for information on your child. It is extremely important that parents/guardians register for and use the Parent Portal. Parents are required to login and complete parental consents and confirm student information annually. Once the information has been confirmed, the blue bars will disappear. Student timetables and marks will be available to view throughout the school year. The portal will be open for parents to confirm information, beginning August 28, 2023.

The 3 sections that need to be confirmed are:

  1. Student Information and Student Emergency Contact List
  2. Parent/Guardian Consent for the Use of Student Personal Information
  3. Student Medical Information (IPOC)

The Parent Portal is used to verify information online during the first few weeks of school and helps us to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the use of paper copies. Please double check that you have completed all sections. There is no need to print the forms if you have no changes. If you have changes, just click “incorrect” and we will send you a hard copy form to complete later in September.

Individual Plan of Care (IPOC)

If your child has a medical condition that the school should be aware of (Anaphylactic, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Heart Condition, or others) please log into the Parent Portal and complete an IPOC for your child as soon as possible. If you completed an IPOC online last year, please review and submit any information that has changed since last year. Please send in any medications (clearly labelled) with supporting documentation from your health care provider as soon as possible to the main office.

School Cash Online

We encourage parents/caregivers to use the link within the Parent Portal to access the online payment website (SchoolCash Online) to register and pay any student-related fees throughout the year. The online payment site accepts payments using credit card, Interac and direct withdrawal to make payments easier. If needed, families can also pay with cash.

Week at a Glance (WAAG)

Each Friday, we email students and parents/guardians the Week at a Glance (“The WAAG”). This weekly bulletin provides families with upcoming information. Here are some pending dates:

  • Orange Shirt Day – Friday, September 30th (more information to be shared soon)
  • Grade 9 Family Night – Thursday, September 15th from 6:00 to 7:30 PM
  • United in Sport – September 23rd (more information pending)

Oakridge’s first WAAG will be shared this Friday, September 8th.

We create a caring, equitable community that engages and develops globally competent students who demonstrate excellence in learning, achievement, and well-being.

We look forward to making this a fantastic year!


 Oakridge Administration and Staff  

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