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An update from the Family Studies/Social Sciences department:

 The kitchens, classrooms and labs are very busy and always provide students with practical, interactive activities that they can apply to their lives and the world around them.

 Food and Nutrition students continue to develop their teamwork and kitchen skills through interactive food labs and related nutrition information.  Grade10 classes are learning about nutrients and the vital role they play in our body.  Grade 12 students are investigating local and global food issues and the various factors involved in achieving food security globally.

 Food and Culture students have started their culinary tour of the world by exploring the rich culture within our own country. Throughout the semester they will be exploring some of the traditional foods, ingredients and customs popular in a variety of countries.

 The grade 10 and 11 fashion students are starting to look at the different influences on fashion choices.  In addition they are learning how to use the sewing machines in order to create individual and unique projects. Regardless of the task, these creative students collaborate, challenge themselves and take risks, which allows for personal growth and learning.

 Students within our social science courses continue to learn about human thought, behaviour and development. Students work collaboratively and think critically about many current social issues and consider how society has changed over time.  Students from Mrs. MacRae’s Challenge and Change (HSB 4U) class recently visited the Atlohsa Native Family Healing Centre to attend a workshop that included the Blanket Exercise(an activity which nurtures understanding, respect and reconciliation among Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.)


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Please find detailed course outlines for all of the courses and pathways offered at Oakridge S.S.:

Grade 9     HIF1O     Exploring Family Studies

Grade 10   HFN2O   Food and Nutrition

Grade 10   HNL2O   Clothing 

Grade 11   HNC3C   Understanding Fashion

Grade 11   HPW3C   Working with Infants and Young Children  

Grade 11   HFC3M   Food and Culture (University /College Preparation)

Grade 11   HSP3U    Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology

                                    (University Preparation)

Grade 12   HPD4C     Working with School-Age Children and Adolescents

Grade 12   HNB4M   The World of Fashion (University/College Preparation)

Grade 12   HHG4M   Human Development throughout the Lifespan 

                                     (University/College Preparation)

Grade 12   HFA4U     Nutrition and Health (University Preparation)

Grade 12   HSB4U     Challenge and Change in Society (University Preparation)












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